Understanding Back Pain

There has been a huge amount of research in recent times into understanding pain and this has led to great progress into changing our beliefs about pain and therefore changing our techniques in managing and treating pain.
back pain
About Back Pain
  • Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Australia
  • Back pain is NOT closely linked to damage to structures.
  • 80% of pain free people have ‘disc degeneration’ and ‘abnormal’ findings on scans.
  • Back pain is usually linked to things such as: Stress, lack of sleep, low mood, inactivity, poor conditioning and overdoing it. Which increases sensitivity to the back.
  • Backs love movement! This provides nutrients, aids repair and strengthens.
  • A slowly progressed exercise program is superior to other interventions for the majority of back pain episodes.

WHAT CAN I DO NOW? (before seeing a physio)

Heat packs on your back will encourage blood flow, help relax muscle spasm and assist with pain relief.

  • Continue to gently keep things moving as much as you can tolerate. Short frequent movements such as side to side bending, backwards bending and rocking your bent knees from side to side whilst on your back, are nice gentle activities.
  • Avoid complete bedrest or prolonged sitting & driving.
  • Simple paracetamol or anti inflammatories can assist, check with your GP if you have any other conditions or medications.
  • Spend some quite time practicing relaxed slow breathing.


  • Bodycare Physiotherapists are highly trained in assessing and managing patients with low back pain.
  • Every patient with low back pain has very different contributing factors to their pain and therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ treatment approach.
  • Bodycare Physiotherapists will spend time to identify the individual factors linked to your pain and set a plan to help you return to the things you love.

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