NDIS Physiotherapy in Albany

The role of physiotherapy in disability services plays a significant part in improving the quality of life, functional independence and overall wellbeing of individuals living with disability. Our team of physiotherapists have experience in addressing the physical and functional aspects of disabilities, whether they be congenital, acquired or degenerative in nature. 

Our team works closely with our patients, their families and carers to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses our patients’ goals and requirements, whether that be to improve or maintain function and mobility, reduce pain or improve strength, coordination, posture, balance, and help with any physical limitations. 


NDIS Physiotherapy Providers

BodyCare Physiotherapy prides itself on being able to provide services and treatment to those with disability. We are not currently preferred NDIS providers and so cannot bill through the NDIS directly, however we work closely with plan managers to provide flexible payment options to suit our clients.

Our team of experienced physiotherapists offer a range of services including treatment, exercise programs in our gym, pilates studio and hydrotherapy pool, as well as home exercise programs and self management techniques. 

We are focused on providing personalised and holistic care plans, that aim to improve quality of life and functional mobility. 

Comprehensive Support for Various Disabilities

Our team offers experience working with a wide range of disabilities and impairments including;

  • Developmental delay in children 
  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease
  • Chronic disease
  • Rehabilitation after surgery

We strive to develop customised care plans that address the patients’ needs and align with their individual goals. With a huge range of services and facilities available in our clinic, we aim to develop treatment plans that are patient-centred, involving the support of family and carers and providing optimal results aimed at improving function and quality of life. 

Our NDIS Physiotherapy Services

At BodyCare Physiotherapy we offer range of services that greatly benefit those living with impairment or disability. We are able to provide mobility assessments, strength training, pain management, hydrotherapy and exercise rehabilitation, pilates, as well as hands-on physiotherapy techniques. Our team work to provide our patients with comprehensive treatment plans that focus on improving quality of life. 

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