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Pilates is a form of exercise that uses specially designed equipment to improve posture, flexibility, mobility, balance and strength.

Pilates is suitable to all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Pilates has become a popular exercise option because of its versatility and ability to help a wide range of individuals including post injury or surgery, athletes and sports enthusiasts, pre- and post-natal clients and those seeking improvement in posture, balance, coordination, strength, mobility and function. Pilates focuses on building a strong core as the foundation for all activities from exercise to everyday function.

Personalised Pilates Programs for Health and Fitness

Clinical Pilates combines the principles and movements of traditional pilates with the expertise of evidence-based physiotherapy training to create individualised rehabilitation programs tailored to each patients’ needs, conditions and goals. It focuses on rehabilitation, injury prevention and improving overall physical well-being through specialised exercise therapy that addresses musculoskeletal issues, improves core strength, flexibility, posture and overall body awareness. 

How Clinical Pilates Can Support Your Goals

Clinical pilates focuses on traditional pilates principles including concentration, control, balance and stability, precision, breathing, body awareness and postural strength and alignment. Our classes combine matwork, reformer and Cadillac pilates to provide a well-rounded exercise session. These machines provide resistance and support, allowing patients to perform exercises with controlled movements that target specific muscle groups. 

Pilates is a very effective and low impact form of exercise that is highly beneficial for many conditions and injuries including chronic pain, post-operative management, back and neck issues, pregnancy and postnatal, pelvic floor dysfunction, joint pain, sports injuries, postural issues, osteoporosis, balance and falls prevention, as well as general fitness and enhancing athletic performance. 

Flexible Training Options for Your Fitness Journey

We currently offer one-on-one and small group sessions with our clinical pilates trained physiotherapists. All participants have a personalised program based on individual goals, fitness levels and any medical considerations. 

All participants undergo a comprehensive assessment with our physiotherapists to look at posture, deep abdominal and pelvic floor health, movement patterns, flexibility, balance, strength and specific musculoskeletal issues and injuries. Each session is then tailored to suit your specific needs and run under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist who provides guidance, corrections and feedback to ensure correct form and technique to optimise results. Clinical pilates exercises are progressive and can be adjusted in intensity and complexity as the patient’s strength and flexibility improve. This makes it a great fitness option for all levels of fitness, allowing easy transition from rehabilitation to functional training and fitness maintenance. 

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