Exercise Rehabilitation in Albany

Our classes cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced abilities and include a range of exercise types including pilates, weights, cardio and more. We also offer classes specifically targeted at improving balance, strength and normalising walking patterns after joint replacement surgeries.

A physiotherapy assessment is required before attending our exercise classes so we can ensure the best classes to target your specific needs.

Rehabilitation Programs To Support Your Goals

At BodyCare Physiotherapy we run one-on-one and group exercise sessions focusing on rehabilitation and general fitness and wellbeing. Our sessions cater to all fitness levels from post-operative up to those looking for a regular guided gym-based program. Our trained staff ensure the safety of all those attending and are able to customise the programs to suit all capabilities and fitness levels to ensure everyone is working towards their goals. 

How Our Rehabilitation Therapists Can Help You

Our classes include a combination of weight and strength training, balance, cardiovascular training and pilates. Our highly trained instructors specialise in rehabilitation as well as exercise prescription and develop individualised programs to meet your fitness goals, and restore you to your pre-injury function. 

Exercise for Rehabilitation & Health

Exercise rehabilitation in physiotherapy is aimed at providing structured and individualised therapeutic-based exercise programs, improving physical function, reducing pain and enhancing overall well-being. The role of exercise in physiotherapy is critical at helping individuals recover from injuries, surgeries, medical conditions and it promotes long-term health and fitness. 

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