Occupational Rehabilitation in Albany

BodyCare Physiotherapy can assist with workplace pre-employment screening as well as rehabilitation of workplace injuries. We offer rehabilitation from acute treatment, to later stage return-to-work exercise programs and job specific training programs. Our team of physiotherapists are up-to-date with the current best practice and biopsychosocial models of care, offering care for early intervention and WorkCover WA pathways.

Expert Occupational Rehabilitation Providers

Through comprehensive assessment, our physiotherapists work with our patients to provide rehabilitation programs that integrate evidence-based techniques and exercise to ensure effective and optimal outcomes. Our occupational rehabilitation programs focus on a holistic approach to the individual and their capabilities, as well as identifying potential ergonomic and safety concerns for returning to the workplace. We focus on restoring and optimising the physical health, function and overall well-being of individuals who have sustained workplace injuries, and aim to facilitate a safe and timely return to work while promoting injury prevention and well-being in the workplace.  

Workplace Rehabilitation Programs Tailored to Your Needs

At Bodycare Physiotherapy we offer pre-employment screening, functional assessments, workplace injury rehab, return-to-work exercise programs, job-specific training and ergonomic evaluations. 

Our team of qualified physiotherapists work closely with relevant insurers, employers and healthcare professionals to tailor an appropriate and individualised rehabilitation plan. With a focus on best evidence-based practice and patient centred care, we strive to develop programs that encourage compliance and optimised return-to-work outcomes. With access to our own hydrotherapy pool, gym and pilates studio, we encourage exercise and hands-on physiotherapy, which play a crucial role in rehabilitation and future injury prevention. 

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