Understanding ACL Injuries

Not all ACL injuries require reconstruction surgery, a thorough assessment will properly diagnose your knee injury and help make the best plan for your situation.

About ACL injuries:

  • 70-85% of ACL injuries are non contact injuries
  • Females have a much higher risk of ACL injuries
  • Not all ACL injuries require reconstruction surgery
  • Gold standard rehab and return to sport clearance is not based injury timeframe, instead is based on meeting testing criteria
  • You do not need to rest for 6 weeks following surgery to begin rehab.
  • Injury prevention programs significantly reduce ACL injury risk

What can I do now? (before seeing a physio)

  • Ice, Compression and Elevation
  • Continue gentle movement as tolerated
  • You do not require an MRI scan prior to attending physiotherapy
  • ACL injuries should be assessed early if possible

How can we help?

  • A thorough assessment is required to properly diagnose your knee injury
  • We can advise you regarding your various options for management and help make the best plan for your situation
  • If surgery is required we will communicate with your surgeon to ensure your management is specific to the type of surgery you have
  • We have the scope to progress you from initial care in hydrotherapy to end stage heavy strength training, agility and return to sport programs
  • We can perform return to sport testing to ensure you are ready to get back to the field.

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